Sci-fi Erotic Romance

Star Knight Errant: Thrust


When Martian Air Science Engineer Cass Hedley takes a dare to use her new Artificial Intelligence system for a night of erotic release, there’s only one man she can imagine spending time with—the legendary comic book hero Star Knight Errant. She imagines strong hands, hard abs, and bubble baths, but her black market AI has another idea—an illegal fight club that will only end in her sexy companion’s death…or hers.

When Evander Mór transports to an unknown desert planet, his mission changes. Instead of brokering a peace deal, he’ll figure out what backwater he’s landed on and enjoy a well-earned weekend off with a gorgeous scientist. But when things get hotter than a supernova between them, he discovers he only has eighteen hours to stop an AI bent on murder, convince Cass he’s more than fiction, and find a way to cross the gulf between galaxies to bring her home.

Winner of The Charlotte Award, 2018 
First place finalist On the Far Side Contest, 2018
“Star Knight Errant: Thrust hits all the buttons to excite, thrill, and get the juices flowing. The Sci-Fi theme thrilled while the clever twists and turns of the story sent this book to the top of my list for the best erotic book in the Orange Rose Contest. 
“A story not to be missed.” 
~ Anita Philmar, author of Black Dragon’s Blood

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Pages: 82 +covers

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USA: Ships August 26, 2019
Canada: Ships August 26, 2019
World: Ships August 26, 2019



The Little Pink Psychic Shop


When Jordan, a shadowy college student, encounters a dark force residing within an innocuous-appearing psychic shop, she discovers that to free herself from the Bone Rattler within, she must help a local witch free her six captive sisters from the necromancer’s caverns.

Five Stars!

–Christine Ashworth, Goodreads

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eBook Format Only
Pages: 17 +covers

Holiday Romance

Love for Christmas


Unwrap a little Love for Christmas, with 5 stories that range from heart-warming to heart-pounding.

Drawn to an abandoned mansion by mysterious Christmas cards, artifact hunter Alma meets a strangely familiar yet distant astronomer and his captor, a powerful, icy specter. WINTER’S WARMTH is a love story of hope and bravery inspired by the myth of the Snow Queen.
-by A.K. Shelley

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